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What is Marmara?

Marmara is an independent record label currently operating out of Austin, Texas. Releasing cassette tapes & vinyl in limited editions. Some of our releases are screen printed/hand numbered or hand assembled. 

I run a distro/record store, can I purchase your releases wholesale?

Yes. You can purchase our releases wholesale. If you have any other questions about carrying our releases, please e-mail us.

Will Marmara help release my music?

We are currently accepting submissions.

I ordered something from you & haven't received it yet.

  • Domestic Orders:

All orders are mailed out every Monday. We ship everything First Class mail here in the states, if you would like to add tracking and or any other type of option to your purchase, please e-mail us before hand for pricing. 

  • International Orders:

We unfortunately regret to inform our international customers that the postal rates for all international parcels has been increased by over 60% on January 27, 2013. This increase was due to the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006, which strong armed the postal service into such measures at the hands of Congress who have been bribed and paid off by lobbyists. We encourage all of our US customers to petition their local congressional representative to repeal this unfair act and end business lobbyists. 
- Dylan Aycock; Scissor Tail Editons

All International orders are also sent First Class Air Mail. We only send our packages through the USPS, if you would like another option of mail carrier, please e-mail us with that information.

Marmara is not responsible for lost and/or damaged packages. So far all of our orders that have been placed have been received. Granted there may be that one time that it gets lost to oblivion. If that does happen or your order looks unrecognizable please e-mail us & we will try to work it out. 

When available, we use reusable & biodegradable mailers from EcoEnclose.

If there is anything we didn't cover here that you would like to ask us, you can always send us a message on our Facebook account, or send us an e-mail at:
info @